And for a good reason too. We go beyond just teaching how to do the perfect karate kata, or how to incorporate all the necessary karate moves into a perfect fighting routine. All of this is an integral part, but we try to make you feel relaxed and pleasant while doing it. It is because of that dedication to every aspect of learning karate that We Train Here tanks among the best martial arts schools in Los Angeles.

The atmosphere of true karate in Los Angeles

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We’d like to begin by telling you something about our place of business, the place where we take the time and a lot of effort to teach our students the subtle art of karate, the place where you will come to learn, the place we would like you to call your own.

Our dojo is the real deal, the perfect place for all the karate enthusiasts to come, leave all their worries and troubles behind, and focus on the now of the next karate position. Not only will we do all in our power to show you the ways of karate, but we have also tried to make the entire place ooze serenity, so you can feel at ease practicing karate in Monterey Park. We Train Here provides the skill, the sharpness, but also the ever-important calm of the mind.

“I’ve been trying to find the best karate classes near me for quite some time…”

And we can relate to your troubles. That is why we have created We Train Here, with a single thought in our minds – to open the best place for karate in East LA. Now, you don’t have to worry about what the place to learn karate at is. You know it’s We Train Here.

We’ve tried to place our dojo right in the middle of East LA, in the sprawling urban network of this part of town, and then do a twist – create a tranquil oasis within it, a place where all those who want to learn karate can come and focus on their craft. We feel we’ve succeeded, but the only way for us, as well as for you, to know is if you come, check it out, and give us your opinion. We can even offer you classes with a private martial arts instructor in Los Angeles if you feel like you need even more personalized sessions.

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Kids karate in Los Angeles is also our thing

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And we hope it becomes the thing for your children as well. As we’ve already said, it’s not just about the martial arts, it’s about more than that. Yes, we think it is important for your child to learn how to defend himself, but there are many more important aspects when it comes to learning karate.

We want to teach your children so much more. We want to teach them discipline, self-respect, confidence, self-awareness… To put it simply, we want to help them along the way of becoming determined, focused, proper adults. We take great care when working with children of all ages, and it certainly shows.

Our kids karate Los Angeles classes feature a unique rank and promotion system

One of the ways of training both the minds and the bodies of our young ones is through offering a system of awards that will teach your young ones how to try hard and achieve their goals.

The journey through karate at We Train Here doesn’t begin with the white belt. It begins without a belt. We perceive the white belt as something to be earned, not as something to be given. And, once your child sees that his or her efforts are worthwhile, one of the greatest life lessons is taught. From there on, there’s no stopping our youngsters.

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Discount and freebies at our karate classes in Los Angeles

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To show you just how much we care, to show that we’re not just in it for the profit, we offer you a one-month free trial period. You can attend the classes, practice karate with all our students, and see if it fits, if it’s how you’ve been imagining it ever since you saw Karate Kid for the first time. If it is, excellent, we look forward to welcoming you into our family. If, on the other hand, it’s not what you’ve been looking for… No harm, no foul.

Plus, to show just how much we care about the kids, and how much we want them to become the best they can be, we offer regular discounts for all children aged 4 to 14, who attend local schools regularly. If they come, see it, and like it, we want them to do it. The discount we provide is only the smallest of incentives for you to lead your children along the path to a healthy and fulfilling future.

If it’s best karate classes in Los Angeles you’re after, you know where to look

If you’re ever in the neighborhood, either for a family visit to the amazingly interesting Norton Simon Museum, or for a look at the stars at the Griffith Observatory, pencil in a visit to We Train Here too.

Come, see what exactly it is we offer. Come and feel the atmosphere of our martial arts school. We’re sure you’re going to like it, and we’re also sure you’ll want to come back and try a kata for yourself. If your road takes you to East LA, let it take you to We Train Here.

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