Not without a reason either. If your young ones want to try out karate for kids, there really is no alternative to We Train Here. Even if you’re not in East LA, even if you live in another part of town, it’s worth the drive. Yes, the other things we do best are also worth the drive, such as our martial arts classes in Los Angeles, but let’s focus on the kids. Once they try out the best classes for children’s karate in Los Angeles, they’ll be eager to come back for more. Why, you ask?

Our classes for children karate in Los Angeles have the right vibe

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OK, not to sound too hip with the whole “vibe” thing, but no matter if we’re holding karate classes for kids, or teaching adults karate in East LA, we try to make the atmosphere as Karate-Kid as possible. Joking aside, our dojo really is the place to learn karat eat. It checks all the necessary boxes, making you feel at ease and tranquil as you try the newest kata.

This is even more important for children. They need to feel safe, they need to practice in a nurturing environment, and they need to feel motivated. That is why we’ve worked so hard to create such an atmosphere where your children can thrive while learning karate.

“I couldn’t find the best children’s karate classes near me”

Well, you couldn’t until now. We know how difficult it must be trying to find the perfect place for your kids to learn karate. It’s difficult enough for the grown-ups to find the finest karate classes in Monterey Park, so we can only imagine how difficult it must have been for you trying to find a dojo where you can feel safe to leave your children.

We know, and we understand, which is why we’ve done everything in our power to make We Train Here the perfect place for your young ones to practice karate without you worrying about it. Our instructors are capable and caring individuals who will make sure your child is safe while practicing, but also happy while doing it. We all love children here, and it shows in the way we work with them.

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Our “karate for kids” classes teach more than just karate

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It’s not just about learning a new kata, learning how to properly clench your fist while doing it, or trying out a new stance. Yes, all this matters, all of it is important, and all of it is an integral part of learning and teaching karate. But there’s something else too.

We want your children to become not only good, but great adults. We want them to grow up with the right values. You’re doing your part at home, we do our part at our karate classes for kids. We will teach them confidence, respect, determination, and discipline. They will feel a sense of pride once they accomplish a task, and they will be rewarded for it. Speaking of rewards…

Our karate classes for kids in Los Angeles have a unique system of rank and promotion

You see, we believe that you have to earn everything in life, through hard work and dedication. That is why, at We Train Here, your child does not begin his or her journey into the world of karate with a white belt. No, the journey starts without a belt.

Your kids will need to train and try hard to receive the white belt, and it will be worthwhile. This method of promotion teaches perseverance, commitment, and devotion, which are yet some more values we want to promote. Trust us, your precious one will be happier earning the belts, rather than being given them.

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Our karate for kids comes with discounts too

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It’s not about the money with us, and one of the ways to show you just how much we value other things over it, we offer a free trial period of one month. So come, bring your child, and see how he finds it. If he likes it, great, if not, no matter. We’re glad you’ve tried.

What’s more, there are regular discounts for all the children from local schools, ages four to fourteen. Mind you, they have to attend school on a regular basis, no skipping classes. We want all the children who train at We Train Here to be both academically responsible, as well as dedicated to sport.

If you still want only the best children karate Los Angeles offers, we’re the place for you

So if you’re even in the area, strolling down the beautiful Olvera Street, or soaking in the history of Mission San Gabriel Archangel, know that we’re so close by it would be a shame not to visit. Bring the kids, and see how they like it. We know they will, it’s only you we need to convince.

And, who knows, maybe you’ll find something to your liking as well, such as private mixed martial arts lessons in Los Angeles. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to try it out, but you’ve never had the time. Why not? Whatever the case may be, We Train Here is the place to be.

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