Angel Orellana



Angel Comes to We Train Here with a love of the martial arts that started with film: Kung-Fu movies to be exact. Like most children, he was drawn into the fantasy of heroes taking on great ordeals through physical combat, and much to his excitement, his father began taking martial arts classes when Angel was just 5 years old. Envious of the skills he was sure his dad was developing, he asked his father if he could join the same martial arts class. His father refused him, and at the time, did so without explanation, leaving Angel to return to martial arts only through the fantasy. Later in life, Angels discovered his father and uncle could not bring him to their martial arts class, because they were not paying for the classes with money, they couldn’t afford to. Instead, they had asked the instructor to allow them to train, and they would clean the dojo in return. The instructor agreed to these terms, and they had “free” training that Angel could not get access to at his young age. Years later, Angel returned to his passion for the martial arts, paying for his own instruction—and he realized his instructor, Professor Frank Degourville, was making similar arrangement with other students in need. Angel Now Holds a 6th Degree Black Belt and the rank of Jr. Master.